Southern California Edison empowers Monterey Park and Buena Park to be “Powerful Cities”


The Story

When Southern California Edison (SCE) discovered that public awareness about electrical safety among multicultural groups was particularly low, the utility reached out to us to develop a new public safety education and awareness campaign positioning SCE as a trusted source for electrical safety and emergency preparedness information for Asian Americans in their service territory.

We designed and implemented the campaign, “Powerful Cities,” that focused on building strong partnerships with local government and local community-based organizations (CBOs) to collaborate in promoting safety and emergency preparedness in select cities with large Asian American populations and prominent leadership and relationships with organizations to serve as a base of support. The campaign leveraged synergies and existing relationships between SCE’s internal teams including Corporate Communications, Local Public Affairs (LPA), Business Solutions, Speakers’ Bureau and employee resource groups.


  • Presented Monterey Park and Buena Park city councils with “Powerful City” Certificate of Proclamation in recognition of the cities’ commitment to electrical safety and partnership with SCE, garnering local ethnic media coverage.
  • Partnered with two local CBOs per city to host outreach booths at high traffic Asian populated events and locations. We trained CBO partners on essential messages, tools and skills to champion and broaden awareness of electrical safety as SCE’s Safety Advocates throughout the campaign.
  • Designed and implemented (1) SCE Lineman Library Readings, where SCE linemen read children’s books about electrical safety and provided a show-and-tell of their tools to illustrate how they stay safe around electricity and how the kids can stay safe; and (2) Senior Safety Workshops in collaboration with American Red Cross, which was presented in different Asian languages. 
  • Created and distributed SCE and American Red Cross Electrical Safety Starter Kits in four Asian languages, including Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Khmer.


By targeting Monterey Park and Buena Park through the “Powerful Cities” campaign, we reached Chinese American, Korean American, Vietnamese American and Cambodian American residents, families and small businesses not only within the two selected cities but its surrounding cities in LA and Orange counties. We reached 88,503 people at a total of 25 events, secured 2,485 electrical safety pledges, and distributed approximately 3,600 SCE and American Red Cross Electrical Safety Starter Kits. The entire campaign produced approximately a total of 10.2 million earned media impressions and 44 earned media placements.

Happy Client

"At Southern California Edison we place great value in establishing sustained relationships with stakeholders throughout our diverse service territory. N&A has brought their extensive network and experience in public education and community engagement to strengthen SCE’s long-term partnerships with trusted organizations and opinion leaders. N&A’s knowledge and versatility in designing and implementing consumer campaigns and creating relationships with gatekeepers in the community has enabled SCE to maintain a strong presence in the communities we serve, while avoiding common pitfalls that companies have experienced when targeting evolving markets."

– Diane Tasaka, Principal Manager, Southern California Edison

Photo Credits: Southern California Edison