We are Nakatomi PR, a strategic communications firm founded on the principle of leading with social good to tell stories that matter.

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Nakatomi PR began as a start-up company more than 25 years ago in a much narrower PR landscape where only large companies were spending money on communications and marketing.


When founder Debra Nakatomi realized that her passion for her volunteer work in the community was eclipsing her desire to advance her career in the corporate world, she knew it was time to venture into new territory to achieve her vision of helping community and philanthropic organizations to activate their missions using the tools of communications to create and tell their unique stories.

Nakatomi PR has grown and matured and now works with a wide range of leaders and organizations who embrace communications as an essential element as they face change, growth, realignment and new challenges.

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Fundamental principles that guide us—

Be the change.

NakatomiPR is dedicated to promoting equity and advancing social change for mission-driven organizations and values-driven leaders serving all communities.

Keep swimming.

We advise CEOs and management teams as they navigate growth, change and issues management in these dynamic times as they prepare for a changing future through capacity building.

Lead with impact.

Every day we work on behalf of clients to activate awareness, change minds and behavior and motivate people.

Brainpower, empowers.

We’ve spent decades collaborating with the best--community activists, leaders and advisors--creating community awareness and outreach campaigns and strengthening organizations. 


Full range of capabilities—

We offer a full-range of capabilities that leverage research and cultural insights to strategize social change. We work with diverse clients in nonprofit, philanthropy and the public and private sectors to gather fresh insights, seed and nurture ideas, spark new conversations among unlikely partners, design and implement campaigns to change minds, promote policy change, strengthen organizations and mobilize people to action.